Saving and Paying for College

 Step-By-Step Guidance for Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

The amount of money Americans collectively owe in student loan debt is staggering—that there will be an average of $100 billion each year in the new federal student loan debt for the next five years.*

*Congressional Budget Office

Do you qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)?

PSLF is a federal program presenting the opportunity to those in public service jobs to qualify for loan forgiveness after 120 monthly payments—and 33 million government and nonprofit sector employees qualify.

A Savi solution

As part of AIG Retirement Services’ Student Debt Solution, you have access to an online student loan evaluation tool to determine your eligibility for federal repayment and forgiveness programs.

It’s brought to you through our engagement of Savi, a social impact technology firm that helps student loan borrowers optimize their student loan repayments to help save time and money.

The average Savi user has $1,703 in reduced annual payments and $30,000 in projected forgiveness. See what your savings could add up to!

Additionally, you can access Savi’s analysis of the new student loan rules in the CARES Act as well as other actions being taken by the government as it responds to these unprecedented times.

Looking for more guidance?

FutureFIT® University offers you interactive and relevant content to help you take control of your future. Check out their learning module on Student Debt to learn about your options.