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Information Statements

VALIC is the investment adviser to each of the VALIC Company I and VALIC Company II funds (the “Funds”) and has engaged sub-advisers to manage the Funds’ assets on a daily basis. The Funds have received an exemptive order (the “Order”) from the Securities and Exchange Commission which allows VALIC, subject to certain conditions, to enter into and materially amend its agreements with sub-advisers without obtaining shareholder approval. The Order allows VALIC to act more quickly to change sub-advisers when it determines that a change would be in the best interest of the Fund and its shareholders. One of the conditions required by the Order provides that VALIC will provide to participants information about the new sub-adviser and the new sub-advisory agreement. Each information statement provided below describes a recent sub-adviser change, which has been approved by the Boards of Directors/Trustees of the Fund.


Systematic Core Fund (July 17, 2020)
Dynamic Allocation Fund (January 31, 2020)
Growth Fund (December 23, 2019)
Systematic Value Fund (December 23, 2019)
International Value Fund (December 7, 2018)
International Growth Fund (June 6, 2018)
Mid Cap Strategic Growth Fund Information Statement (August 28, 2017)
Small Cap Fund Information Statement (June 5, 2017) 
Small Cap Aggressive Growth Fund Information Statement (October 27, 2016
Mid Cap Strategic Growth Fund Information Statement (Feb 29, 2016)
Global Real Estate Fund Information Statement (Dec 23, 2015)


Capital Appreciation Fund Information Statment (September 5, 2018)
Mid Cap Growth Fund Information Statement (September 5, 2017)
Large Cap Value Fund Information Statement (August 28, 2017)

International Opportunities Information Statement (May 30, 2016)


All inquiries regarding prospectuses and annuity contracts issued by The Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company should be directed, in writing to:

AIG Retirement Services
2929 Allen Parkway
Houston, TX 77019