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Sales Literature

VC 28438

Cyber Security Flier

Provides ideas to help employers empower their employees to protect themselves against cyber threats and how to integrate best practices into their organization.

VC 26638

VALIC GPS Sales Flier

Explains Guided Portfolio Services®

VC 22692

Communications Awards Flier

Showcases VALIC Communications awards.

VC 26604

5 Reasons You Need to Review Your 403(b) - IC Flier

Guidance questions regarding 403(b) plans

VC 26472

5 Reasons You Need to Review Your 457 - IC Flier

Guidance questions regarding 457 plans

VC 26904

Fees Comparison

Examines price versus value: assesses fee/cost against service

VC 28587

FutureFIT Academy

Explains our financial literacy program, in partnership with EverFI, to provide grade school students an in-person learning experience to help make financial education a prominent part of their curriculum.

VC 26058

VALIC Fee Leveling/Equalization (Single-Page)

Highlights the VALIC approach to fee equalization and ensuring transparency

VC 28588

FutureFIT University

Explains our partnership with EverFI and digital financial learning experience available for plan participants and their families.

VC 29063

FutureFIT Circles FAQ

A new way of talking about money, FutureFIT Circles offers plan sponsors a unique employee engagement experience to help get conversations about finances started among their employee populations. This FAQ answers some potential questions plan sponsors or consultants may have about the program.

VC 28583

Guided Target Models Flier

One-pager outlining highlights of using Guided Target Models as chosen target date.

VC 14839

A Tradition of Financial Stability

Highlights the companies’ stable history and ability to meet financial obligations.

VC 21765

Fixed-Interest Options

Asset quality fact sheet.

VC 28182 Retirement Manager Flyer

VC 28182

Retirement Manager

Retirement Manager is our compliance solution for multi-vendor plans.  

VC 29474

Single Provider Defined Contribution Plans

Today’s retirement plan environment is evolving and more public K-12 school districts are opting to explore exclusive provider relationships for their supplemental retirement plans. 
So why conisder a single vendor structure?