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More than half of Americans are worried they won’t have enough money saved up by the time they retire.*

Americans currently have less than 5000 saved; now is the time to stress the importance of savings*

Partner with AIG Retirement Services during National Retirement Security Month to help educate, motivate and inspire your employees to create a vision for their future, then take the steps to achieve their vision.

In an effort to help you meet your growing obligation to provide your employees with financial wellness principles, AIG Retirement Services offers several educational workshops for employees at any stage of their career or financial planning process.

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These workshops can be hosted virtually,
to encourage participants to focus on their saving goals.

This presentation is geared toward active and retired military, where planning and saving for retirement can be more complicated than for those outside the military. It starts with proper cash management. Controlling income versus expenses is crucial so that participants can determine how much disposable cash they have to put toward long-term financial goals. And coming out of the military, their financial situation may be quite different from that of their co-workers.

Education is essential to remain competitive, but it can be very expensive, and often financed through some form of borrowing. That debt could become a huge financial liability, even many years after graduation. This program discusses strategies that can assist, lessen or even eliminate student loan debt.

Financial wellness focuses on the ability to manage all aspects of our financial life. By attending this presentation, participants can learn how to gain control over their financial life and become more productive in other areas of their life, including their ability to focus on family, friends and work.

This program addresses the distinct challenges faced by a younger generation—such as increased student loan debt and underemployment—and provides guidance and strategies that can help with early planning for a more secure financial future.

While living a long life was once relegated to a lucky few, today it’s increasingly becoming the norm, thanks to medical advances and healthier lifestyles. When thinking about the future and planning for retirement, it’s important to recognize that life expectancy is a mid-point, not an end-point.

This comprehensive program provides useful information about financial planning by addressing the main areas of financial planning: Cash management, tax planning, risk management, retirement planning, estate planning, investment planning and long-term care.

This program focuses on the new retirement realities and how the essential income planning process can help attendees address the five risks associated with retirement: longevity, healthcare, inflation, investment and withdrawal.

Learn how our interactive retirement planning tool can help participants see and analyze their retirement plan like never before during a live demonstration.

Focusing on overcoming the financial hurdles specific to women as they plan and invest for the future, this program emphasizes the importance of having a personal plan, a sound strategy and a consistent approach to saving.

Social Security is an important element in retirement planning. This program explores the cost of retirement, as well as options for claiming and maximizing Social Security benefits and how to bridge possible income gaps.

This program focuses on those who are on the verge of retiring or already enjoying retirement. Attendees might have some questions on what to do with the money they have accumulated and how to maximize their income resources to help ensure a more fulfilling and enjoyable retirement journey.

This program stresses the importance of saving for retirement as it encourages attendees to enroll in their workplace retirement plan. This program is especially ideal for early career employees or those who have not yet enrolled in their workplace retirement plan.

Contact your AIG  Retirement Services representative to discuss which topics would be most beneficial to your employees’ financial growth.