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The AIG Difference

AIG Retirement Services helps you see the future for your plan and your employees through:

We believe to successfully engage individuals, it’s critical to offer help and support however they prefer—whether that’s digitally, in person or a combination of both.

FutureFIT®—our innovative online employee experience—inspires people to stay engaged and on track to achieve the future they envision.  It uses behavioral science principles, streamlined navigation and relatable content to motivate employees to action. It includes engaging design built for today’s mobile mindset, and smart technology focused on helping employees build future monthly income.


Supported by today’s leading retirement planning tools and technology, our trusted financial professionals deliver the personal touch many employees need to take action.


Interested in learning more about our powerful technology and trusted advisors? Check out this brochure.


The Advisor Advantage*

  • Employees’ needs first - Available to meet employees anytime and anywhere, driven solely by helping people make the right decisions for their financial situations.
  • Local - Not only a part of AIG Retirement Services, they are a part of your community.
  • Experienced - Approximately 20 years of service helping those who help others prepare for their financial futures.

    Meeting with a financial professional has led to a 32% increase in participant contributions.

Can data make a difference in the success of your retirement plan? We not only believe it can—we know it can. That’s why we integrate robust data analytics into each element of our retirement plan offerings. With the smart use of data analytics, we can target specific employee populations and outreach to improve employee outcomes.


SponsorFIT® – A Smarter Way to Manage Your Plan

SponsorFIT, our self-service plan sponsor portal, is designed to help keep plan sponsors in control by creating an experience that makes plan administration easier and helps your employees achieve the futures they envision. SponsorFIT offers:

  • Data-based insights that enable you to better track and monitor plan-level goals
  • Access to real-time data to spot trends and take action
  • Robust reporting for conclusive analysis of plan health
  • Flexible data integration for ease of administration

Interested in learning more about our smart use of data? Check out this brochure.

Finances are personal. That’s why we focus on individual needs and preferences when engaging your employees. By pairing “high-tech” with “high-touch,” we provide employees access to valuable education, advice and guidance however and whenever they prefer.

Interested in learning more about our focus on personal experience?  

Personalized Communications - Connecting With Employees on an Individual Level

  • FutureFIT retirement readiness letters – Offer both participating and non-participating employees guidance to help meet future needs.
  • Personal retirement notifications – Delivered digitally or in print, these notices highlight key life events and remind employees to consider changes aligned with their future.
  • Custom employee messaging – Reinforces the value of your plan and encourages employees to take action when visiting their online account.
  • Personalized videos – Uses the employee’s name, demographic data, market segment and state of residence to quickly grab attention and drive action.

Powerful technology paired with trusted advisors
Meeting employees where they are by offering simple, engaging experiences complemented by a dedicated and caring expert.

Smart use of data to enhance plan health
We know data can make a difference. That’s why we integrate robust data analytics into each element of our retirement plan experience.

A more personal experience
We believe the only way to truly help individuals successfully achieve the future and retirement they desire is by delivering a personalized experience—one that helps educate and motivate employees.