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America Saves Week

February 22– 26, 2021

Are you saving enough for the future you envision? America Saves Week is a great time to evaluate your saving strategy and take the steps needed to reach your future financial goals.

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Meet Kayla.


  • Works at a job with an employer-sponsored retirement savings plan
  • Needs a little help creating a plan to reach her long-term financial goals
  • Wants to pay off debt and save for the unexpected expenses that life throws her way
  • Hopes to inspire her family to reach their own financial goals

Kayla may be a lot like you!

Follow her journey during America Saves Week as she takes one small step every day to create a big impact on her overall financial wellness.

Let’s take it one day at a time. Come back each day this week to learn new tips to help you save more.





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America Saves Week - Weekly Planner

Save automatically

Set it and forget it. It’s one of the easiest ways to save.

  • Direct deposit from your paycheck
  • Automatic savings account transfers
  • Automatic contributions to retirement accounts

Save for the unexpected

It just takes a little extra planning and strategy.

  • Save enough to cover a minimum of four to six months of essential expenses
  • Start with small, short-term goals like $50 a month then work your way up
  • Find ways to reduce spending, like cancelling a monthly subscription you don’t need, and put that cost in your emergency savings account instead.

Save to retire

It’s never too early to start saving for retirement.

  • Enroll and contribute to your workplace retirement plan
  • Start as early as possible to take advantage of compound interest
  • Talk to your financial professional

Save by reducing debt

Debt management is crucial for financial success.

  • Stop creating more debt so you can focus on paying off your current debts
  • Increase your monthly payment to reduce the amount of interest you owe
  • Make bigger payments to one account until it is paid off, then repeat until all debts are paid

Save as a family

Make saving a family affair.

  • Discuss your monthly budget and work together when making shopping lists
  • Include family members in your financial decision-making process
  • Work together on a common savings goal, like a new TV or game the whole family can enjoy

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