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Market perspective

If the stock market is giving you the jitters, get some insight from our series of articles before you take any action. 

Market volatility? Here's what you can still control
Investors want to do something, but mistakes now can be costly. Here are some actions that can help.

Asset allocation
When you diversify, how do you portion out the money amongst different investments? It's a science-based strategy called asset allocation. 

Remain calm and focused
News headlines can make it feel like the world is ending. But reacting to headlines could impact your savings. Here's how. 

A look back at the stock market 
Market volatility is nothing new. Stepping back and looking at the big picture can help put things into perspective. 

Just starting to save? Don't fret over market volatility -- focus on these big opportunities
For Millennials: A look at your advantages (including your age), and how they may help you in the long term. 

Rough stock market? Don't make these mistakes
For Generation X: Here are some common mistakes, and real opportunities that can affect your savings. 

Approaching retirement in a rough market? Don't panic -- you have options
For "baby boomers": There is plenty you can't control, but here are things that you can do to get your retirement plans back on track.