Together, let’s safely help employees enroll and plan for retirement

Encourage new hires and plan-eligible employees to get FutureFIT - Futures. Individually Tailored.®
Help them take the first step toward their future goals by enrolling in their workplace retirement plan.

Given the current environment, these virtual tools can help safely educate employees about the benefits of enrollment.

Now, more than ever, it is important to be able to connect with your employees virtually. If you do not currently offer online enrollment, contact your AIG Retirement Services representative to learn more about this feature and how it can benefit your employees.

We’ll invite your employees to attend an enrollment workshop. All our communications are sent electronically and the workshops are held virtually — keeping everyone safe.

Workshop invitation and reminder emails

  • Offers multiple meeting times and online registration
  • Allows employees to set up an appointment with a financial professional
  • Links to video that generates excitement about enrolling
  • Provides contact information for financial professionals
  • Reminds employees that did not register there’s still time to sign up and attend

Workshop follow-up emails

  • Generated automatically following workshop
  • Expresses gratitude for attending
  • Links to workshop evaluation survey

This series of ongoing email communications reinforces the benefits of working with a financial professional, enrollment and more.

Enrolling in the plan

  • Expresses the importance of working with a financial professional
  • List of quick links that can be customized, also includes additional information about enrollment
  • Customized links to enroll in your plan

Virtual Teacher’s Lounge / Virtual Office

  • Encourages a virtual meeting with a financial professional
  • Offers to discuss benefits of enrollment for non-participating employees
  • Offers to discuss contribution increases for enrolled employees
  • Provides link to available virtual meeting times

Welcome back

  • Encourages enrollment at the start of a new school year
  • Includes a link to enroll online and video highlighting the importance of saving
  • Provides link to schedule a virtual meeting with a financial professional

Enroll/Increase contributions in your plan

  • Includes link to online enrollment
  • Encourages a contribution increase for those already enrolled
  • Includes link to register for online account access
  • Provides link to schedule a virtual meeting with a financial professional

Our suite of workshops and enrollment video encourage employees to plan and save for their future. You can share these in any of your standard employee communication channels.