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Start Your Circle

Need some help getting your FutureFIT Circle conversations started? No problem.

To help people feel comfortable, here are a few pointers to keep it light and easy:

  • Keep it small: Try to keep the circle to no more than 10 people. Too many eyes in one room may seem over bearing and impersonal. You want people to open up without feeling like they—and all their money--are on display.
  • Circle of trust: Agree to a sense of privacy, and that whatever is said in the circle, stays in the circle.
  • Have some fun: Money is tough enough. Why make talking about it seem like a chore, too? Find ways to make it entertaining, engaging and enjoyable for your group.
  • Let conversations flow: Don’t feel obligated to stick to a specific financial topic. Allow your members to lead the discussion and take it wherever they need it to go.

Use these helpful guides and conversation starters to get your Circle communicating!