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Circle Captain’s Guide

As the Circle Captain, it is your job to get the conversation started. You are someone who has been hand selected to lead these discussions based off your success as a saver and peer leader. FutureFIT Circles are designed to help people speak openly about money with others going through similar situations.

Here is how it works:

Four step Captain's guide

Not only do FutureFIT Circles provide an outlet for people to learn about finances from their friends and peers, but it comes with some great benefits.

  • FutureFIT Circle members get priority scheduling with financial professionals. It’s like HOV lane for your financial questions.
  • Direct access to experts and financial professionals who are more than happy to make “house calls” to an upcoming meeting.
  • Have a smartphone? Then, feel free to Facetime your FutureFIT Circle financial professional to get up close and personal with your finances.

Need more reasons to join? 

Get the full scope of FutureFIT Circles. Download your FutureFIT Circles Captain’s Guide below.